Angel Pascual-Rodrigo

ARCH GALLERY - London, may 2004

37 The Cut,  LONDON  SE1 8LF
Tube: Southwark & Waterloo 
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 ARTicles - notes
Omar Rifaat

ART 1.
This exhibition invites you to embark on a voyage led by your imagination.

ART 2.
This catalogue is a free, open, and transferable passport --  safe-conduct to a perennial world.

ART 3.
Each visa corresponds to a painting, and each painting evokes a different island of the imagination and opens a fresh window for the mind.

ART 4.
The central theme of this artistic voyage is the Dialogue and Confluence between these islands: East and West; North and South; Reality and Abstraction; Light and Shadow; Moon and Sun; Apocalypse and Genesis; the smallest Island and the biggest Planet.

ART 5.
Angel Pascual-Rodrigo´s work is his reflection on our times. It is a meeting of different cultural perspectives; an abolition of old borders. The paintings unites these apparently opposing values linking them in an equilibrium that allows the viewer to enter into the soul of a distant, yet intimately familiar island.

ART 6.
Like all true art, Pascual-Rodrigo´s paintings represent his own time; 
but they also stand for themselves without uncritically accepting current fashions. They take you on a journey of acceptance and contradiction -- both in concept and form.

ART 7.
The exhibition will also introduce you to the artist's view of his own life: since the beginning of his professional career in 1970, Pascual-Rodrigo has blended the apparently contradictory movements of conceptual and abstract art. He has always continued in this vein, refusing to limit himself to mere conceptualism, due to his belief that excluding artistic form also excludes artistic concept. He takes us beyond pure abstraction, to the magical world of mythology and the archetypes, through the symbolism of Nature. The key to understanding Pascual-Rodrigo´s perception of reality is his fine balance between concept and object. 

ART 8.
Pascual-Rodrigo´s paintings contain an ever-present silhouette: a distant figure, sitting in contemplation; the viewer is unable to discover its gender, age or intent. We, as spectators, become that figure. It invites us into a contemplative state -- that fundamental state that is the aim of art.

ART 9.
Another recurring feature in Pascual Rodrigo´s paintings is the silhouette of a boatman, rowing and watching incessantly, travelling from right to left, in a symbolic journey towards the heart, from the outside world to the inner space -- an eternal return.

ART 10.
Arch Gallery becomes, for nearly a month, a magical travel agency, both the port of departure towards your imaginal island, and the boat that carries you there.

ART 11.
Angel Pascual-Rodrigo takes us on different voyages: he takes us to his Majorca, but also to that ever longed-for destination -- to that island that enables us to see our everyday world as our most precious treasure.

ART 12.
We hope that you enjoy the first UK solo exhibition of this well-known Spanish artist.